The Hamiltonstövare is a medium sized breed of dog, bred as a hunting hound. The breed was developed in Sweden by the founder of the Swedish Kennel Club, Count Adolf Hamilton. Its ancestry includes several German hounds as well as English Foxhounds and Harriers.

The breed is known by the white blaze on the head, down the neck, four white paws, and a white tail tip. It differs from an English Foxhound in that its frame is lighter. They range in height from 59-61 cm.

The Hamiltonstovare has mixed colors of tan on the head, around the ears, and on the legs. You might also spot black and white marks around the face, neck, and collar. The Hamiltonstovare coat is typically short and harsh with the hair on the back of the thighs and under the tail noticeably longer. They are fairly easy to groom due to their short coats. A good brushing per week will most likely do. Because they have shorter coats, the Hamiltonstovare is not particulary suited for extreme weather.

The Hamiltonstövare is a happy dog, though with high energy levels, and has the potential to be somewhat skittish if under-stimulated. It is extremely friendly and sociable towards people, so not suitable as a guard-dog, but it does have a loud, baying voice that may prove to be a deterrent for less determined intruders.

Hamiltonstovares have a strong prey drive, so can be stubborn, with a self-confidence that can result in it challenging its owner, particularly in adolescence. The Hamiltonstovare needs to be trained to reliably return on your command and are prone to wander both when off the lead and from the home. Being a hound dog they require regular walking and exercise.

The Hamiltonstövare is a gentle, pleasant and intelligent dog, and one that will get along with children. However, it should never be mixed with smaller pets, like rabbits, that are likely to trigger its ingrained hunting instincts. They can get lonely and love being with family members. They are a great dogs for households of all sizes but are best suited for homes with a yard.

The average life span is 14 to 17 years.